We’ve provided answers to some of the inquiries that we receive most frequently. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us through online form, by email or by phone.

How can I get a quote?
Simply fill out the online form on our website. You can also send the document you wish to have translated by email or fax. Large documents can be physically mailed if preferred. Please ensure that you keep the original document for reference, as there may be aspects of your request that we need to confirm. Depending on the content and size of the project, we may also contact you to set up a preliminary meeting.
Do you provide quotes free of charge?
Yes, we provide quotes free of charge. Our rates are based on factors such as the volume of the text, the type of translation required, whether DTP is required after translation, the file format and the delivery schedule. For this reason, please send the full document by email or fax wherever possible when requesting an estimate.
What is your standard turnaround time?
The turnaround time for each project varies depending on factors such as the volume of the source text, the type of content to be translated, and whether the layout needs to be adjusted after translation. We will provide an estimated delivery schedule after finding out the details of your request. We strive to accommodate our clients’ preferred deadlines wherever possible, so be sure to include this information when making your request.
What format will my translation be delivered in?
Translations can generally be delivered in your preferred file format. Unless otherwise specified, we will deliver your translation by email in the same file format as the original document. If the original text is a physical document, we will generally deliver the translation as a Word document. Please contact us if you have any particular requests regarding file format.
Do you accept translation requests from individuals?
Yes, we accept translation requests from both corporate and individual clients.
Do you use machine translation?
We never use machine translation for any of our projects. Every stage of the process is handled by human translators and checkers with an abundance of knowledge relating to the text being translated.
Do you provide translations using Trados or other CAT tools?
Yes, we can provide translations using Trados, which is used by a large number of translators and checkers. This software is particularly well-suited to increasing speed and consistency of terminology when translating technical manuals and similar documents.
Can I contact you with questions regarding translations? Do you provide revisions free of charge?
Questions or requests for revisions to translations can generally be accepted free of charge for up to one month after delivery. In the case of inquiries relating to translation quality, our quality control team will evaluate the delivered manuscript and consult with you regarding subsequent action.
Which payment methods can be used?
After your project is completed, we will email you an invoice as a PDF file. Please confirm the details and pay within one week after receiving the invoice. Corporate clients can pay by the end of the next month. If your organization is a university or other public research institute and your project is funded by a grant such as a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, we will accommodate the procedures of your grant.
How is personal information handled?
All documents provided by clients are managed according to the stringent security policies in our company regulations. A non-disclosure agreement is signed by all employees and freelance translators when they begin working for us, and everyone involved in our services handles personal information with the utmost care to ensure that your information is kept safe.
Can you issue a certificate of translation?
Some organizations, such as embassies, require a certificate of translation when submitting translations of official documents. We can provide certificates of translation for ¥6,000 each (before tax).