Services | International business support

More and more companies are look to expand their businesses into overseas markets. We provide a comprehensive range of services to support businesses that are looking to compete on a global scale, covering processes from negotiations with overseas companies to the import and export of products.

The areas we cover include:

  • Expanding sales into overseas markets
  • Importing products into Japan
  • Participation in international trade shows
  • Networking in overseas markets

Three barriers to business success overseas

Utilizing our extensive experience and know-how, we bridge the gap between Japanese and overseas businesses to help you overcome the three barriers to a smooth and successful international expansion.

Language barriers

Subtle differences in language and business philosophy are a constant source of potential friction in international trade. Working with professionals familiar with the target market is the best way to ensure that projects proceed smoothly.

Legal barriers

Each country has a unique set of legal requirements covering elements from the format of contracts to labor laws. We help you to research the relevant procedures and the documentation you need, so that you can identify and overcome potential challenges before they arise.

Cultural barriers

Differences in culture can significantly hinder the successful execution of a business plan. We facilitate intercultural understanding so that you can focus on the core elements of your  business.