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Translation is the process by which a written text in one language is rendered in words with the same meaning in another language. Depending on the content, intended audience and intended use of a text, the translation can be literal and faithful to the structure of the original text, or it can be looser to prioritize the wording that is most natural and compelling in the other language. Both types precisely communicate the information in the original text.


A portmanteau of “translation” and “creation”, transcreation is a writing process that conveys the intent, tone and style of the source material in a manner that is culturally appropriate in the target language—something that is now an essential element of any global marketing project.
Creativity, strong writing skills and a deep cultural knowledge of the target market are all required in order to produce material that maintains the essence of the original text while grabbing readers’ attention through an approach tailored to their language and culture.

Translation workflow

Our dedicated team of project managers will guide you through every step of the process, from the initial quote to the delivery of your completed translation.


Initial inquiry

Contact us through our online form or by phone and tell us about your project.



A member of our project management team will contact you for further information and suggest the best method for your project.



After receiving the text to be translated, we will provide a quote based on factors such as the number of words or characters, the content of the text and the delivery schedule.


Confirmation of order

Once you confirm your order, we’ll start your project.



The translator with the most relevant skills and experience for your project is assigned and translates the text.



The translation is reviewed to ensure that the meaning of the original text is accurately conveyed.



The translated text can be adjusted to fit the layout and format of your choice.


Line editing

* Available as an additional service

The text is checked by an editor who is a native speaker of the target language to provide a second opinion on word choice and writing style.



We deliver the completed translation according to your specifications. Your project manager will always be available to answer any questions that may arise following delivery.

Fields and industries

Every translation we handle is assigned to the translator with the most relevant expertise for the job. Our professional translators have a wealth of experience across a range of fields, ensuring that terminology specific to your industry is used correctly. Some examples of the fields we work in are listed below, contact us for more information on the services we provide for other industries.

Examples of content we translate

Translators and proofreaders with the most relevant experience and expertise are assigned to each project to produce translations tailored to the intended use of the content. Here are some examples of the content we translate.

Layout and multilingual DTP

Printed materials are generally produced using DTP software such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. When DTP operators are not accustomed to working in multiple languages, it is easy for formatting errors to occur, including incorrect line breaks and missing spaces. Our experienced team can perform accurate, efficient DTP editing in the target language(s) of your project.